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Nuclear Weapons: Critical Decisions See Full Profile

Overall 3.7 Easiness 2.5 Workload 2.7 Clarity 3.2 Helpfulness 3.5

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Intrilligator's class was very intersting. i would reccomend him

(June 22, 2002)
HNRS 175
Terrorism, Counterterrorism, and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Practical Approach See Full Profile

Overall N/A Easiness N/A Workload N/A Clarity N/A Helpfulness N/A

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Individual Studies for USIE Facilitators See Full Profile

Overall 3.6 Easiness 2.1 Workload 2.0 Clarity 3.3 Helpfulness 3.4

Most Helpful Review

Honors 175: DO NOT take this class. Honestly, the grading is THE most subjective of any class I have ever taken. 30% is participation and they do not know anyone and arbitrarily hand out grades. Honestly, Intriligator is a smart man but not the best teacher. Especially when it comes to grading-- he is ridiculous.

(June 11, 2010)
Workshop: Econometrics See Full Profile

Overall 3.5 Easiness 2.8 Workload 2.8 Clarity 3.2 Helpfulness 4.0

Most Helpful Review

Honors Collegium: Terrorism and Counterterrorism
This was a pretty good class; you learn a lot but its also kind of up to you if you want to learn. There are a few group projects and a short assignment. We got to go to the Getty which was pretty cool. Intriligators a nice guy. I'd recommend it.

(June 13, 2010)
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