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Overall 3.3
Easiness of class 2.7
Workload 4.0
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 2.3
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 3.0
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CH ENGR C115, taken Fall 2021 Submitted Dec. 8, 2021 Grade Received: A

I have no idea why she has such a bad review for 125, but my experience in 115 was very good. Her lectures were very engaging, and she clearly knew her stuff when teaching. Maybe she just got better at teaching, or she is better at teaching 115.

Regardless, the class is very similar to 106, since they are both reaction classes, but this class does cover different things; namely this class has a far greater focus on enzymes. For undergraduate students, the grade breakdown was the following:

Exams 1 and 2: 20% each.
Final: 25%
Homework Quizzes: 20% total, with 5 of them
Group project: 15%

The exams were somewhat harder than the homework. Instructions on exams were somewhat unclear, but for the most part, they were mostly fair. BE WARNED: YOU CANNOT MATH YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS CLASS! For exams 1 and 2, 40% of the points were from conceptual questions. Therefore, know the concepts, and know how assumptions made affect the questions.

The final was 100% cumulative. About 10% of the final was from conceptual questions.

Homework in this class is optional, and there were only five of them, with four questions each. However, each week, there is a homework quiz, with one of the questions from the homework. Generally, if you need to graph something for a homework question, it will not be on the homework quiz. So for a given homework problem set, of 4 problems, 2 will be graphing, so one only really needs to do the two non-graphing questions. Even better, Yuting would go over the homework before the quizzes, giving everything but the final answer. That said, one gripe I have about this class is that homework requires Tuesday and Thursday material, but the homework quiz is Friday.

For the group project, it really depends on your group. Fortunately, we get lots of guidance, and the presentation seems to be graded leniently. And for the overall grade itself, I was surprised by how leniently they graded; I thought my grade would have ended up a lot worse.

Also, the textbook is both easy to pirate, and when I took the class, the TA pirated both of the textbooks for us.

CH ENGR C125, taken Spring 2020 Submitted June 25, 2020 Grade Received: A

NOTE: If you want to take an easy class, go for this class. However, if you really want to learn, PLEASE AVOID THIS CLASS.

I am assuming that you are thinking about taking this course because you chose biomolecular concentration. Reconsider changing your concentration since you will learn nothing from this course and C115 if she is teaching those courses.

NOTE AGAIN: Professor Annabi was the worst professor I have ever seen in my entire academic life. Not that I personally hate her.


1. She was not helpful at all during her office hours. One time I asked her a question, and she was like "You didn't think enough. Do actually try. " Why would I come to ask you a question during office hours without actually trying? Not supportive, not helpful.

2. She doesn't know how to teach. She just reads off her slides, and I wonder if she really made the slides by herself because materials from 2 years ago (when Rahardianto taught the course) were exactly the same. One time someone asked what Q means in an equation, and she was not able to answer it and started to go over previous slides for 5 minutes so another student had to tell her that Q was volumetric flow rate. How can a professor not know what she is teaching? I doubt if she really knows the physical meanings of countless equations she taught in this course. She never explained how the equations are derived, or why we are using them.

This class was a roller coaster. I had a hard time trying to figure out what she wants to test on exams or what is important, and I failed to do so every time. I wonder how I ended up with an A.

1. Lots of extra credits: There were 3 ECs. It is very unclear how much they helped my score tho. 1 survey, 1 course evaluation, 1 PROII assignment. The survey and the evaluation were worth 1 point, the PROII 3 points.

2. Easy quizzes: There are assignments almost every week except midterm weeks. One of the problems in weekly homework is tested on quizzes during a discussion section. However, TA Sevana always solved a quiz problem right before the quiz. No sweat.

3. Homeworks: Don't have to solve them since they are not graded. Even when you try to solve them, you won't be able to do so. I recommend you to study solutions after they are posted.

1. Easy class
2. Unclear, unhelpful, waste of time


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