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Critical Reading and Writing (Honors) See Full Profile

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I'm not really an english/language arts kind of person, but I loved taking this class. I was scared at first to take this class, because I felt my writing skills may not be where they need to be, but I thoroughly enjoyed this class. This class was focused around bioethics and disability and through the poems, short stories, and novels we read in the class, I was able to see the differences in how disability was portrayed, and the attitudes of people reacting to those disabilities and the effect of those behaviors. I also learned better skills to write better, which has helped in papers that I had written in classes after that. The grade distribution is: Posts (10%), Participation (20%), Presentation (10%), Paper 1 (10%), Paper 2 (15%), Paper 3 (15%), and Paper 4 (20%). Vivian is very sweet, and focuses on interactions during class. She makes sure we have a welcoming environment and everyone is able to be heard for their opinions. Through these discussions, I was able to expand my perspective even more. She helped me a lot into becoming a better writer, and her passion for the issues we discussed in class showed through and transferred to us, her students. Overall, I would highly suggest you all take this class!

(Winter Quarter 2019)
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