Circuit Analysis I

Description: (Formerly numbered Electrical Engineering 10.) Lecture, four hours; discussion, one hour; outside study, seven hours. Requisites: course 3 (or Computer Science 1 or Materials Science 10), Mathematics 33A, Physics 1B. Corequisites: course 11L (enforced), Mathematics 33B. Introduction to linear circuit analysis. Resistive circuits, capacitors, inductors and ideal transformers, Kirchhoff laws, node and loop analysis, first-order circuits, second-order circuits, Thevenin and Norton theorem, sinusoidal steady state. Letter grading.

Units: 4.0
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Overall Rating 4.4
Easiness 1.4/ 5
Clarity 4.6/ 5
Workload 1.0/ 5
Helpfulness 3.2/ 5
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This guy rocks. If you ever have the opportunity to take him, do it. I took Professor Abidi for 10 the previous year and that was a huge mistake, hence why I retook it with Razavi this year. He was head over heels better than Abidi. The exams were brutal, but they make you think. Razavi doesn't just make you memorize formulas, he encourages you to use intuition and think before you apply the math. And this is how engineering needs to be in every class here. In the end you feel so much more accomplished, since you can actually understand circuits, rather than just the answer to 2 + 2. As far as the grading goes, I'm pretty sure he is a godsend. 7 homework assignments total 20% of the grade, whereas the midterm and final make up 40% each. However, if you do better on the final, you will get 45% towards your final and 35% for the midterm. I scored probably 20-25% below the average on the midterm because the only thing I couldn't do was Thevenin/Norton. Turns out that was the entire exam. I definitely got an average of C's/B's on the homeworks, and thought I did well on the final, but maybe not enough to get a good grade. Only to check MyUCLA and see I ended up with a C+, when I was all but sure I'd get a D. Or with Abidi, probably an F----- (ya, 5 minuses) on his grading scale. Razavi only gave a handful of D's and C-'s. Most of my friends who were doing poor as well got C+'s due to improvement. Overall he is an understanding guy and grades on improvement it seems. Word on the street is that the EE department asked Razavi to teach EE 10 this quarter since upperdiv students have not been learning the fundamentals in lower div circuits classes. To the department and to Professor Razavi, I just say thank you.
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